About Us

Established in 2017, Stemset has quickly become one of the industry's leading training and professional development organisations in the North East of England. We've also recently expanded our services to offer consultancy and bespoke Health and Safety training to businesses across the UK.

Stemset's Mission

Stemset's mission is to help provide businesses in all industries upskill their workforce, filling current and future skills gaps in order to help meet ever evolving business needs. We offer a range of services such as the delivery of technical courses (such as the 0610 Process Technology) as well as required Health and Safety courses that are sure to not only educate your team, but inspire them to continue learning and growing alongside your company.

Stemset's Company Values

Our clients deserve a truly exceptional experience, which is why our company values reflect that:

• Always treating everyone with respect, loyalty, honesty, and transparency

• Meeting customer needs by offering a focused, responsive, quality and value for money service

• Being innovative and keeping abreast with new technologies to improve operational efficiency and quality of products and services

• Having clear lines of communication, accountability, KPI’s, and objectives across the business and external projects

• Continuously improving our services and courses through feedback and planning

• Working with others to build relationships and collaborations for the benefit of all.

Check Out Our Services

Our key services are to be split into the following 4 areas, click a box to read more about each of our core services:

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Courses
Management & Business Skills Courses
Quality Assurance & ISO 9001:2015 Courses

Bespoke training programmes are available and can be developed and delivered using a range of on-site, blended or open learning methods.


Why should customers work with us?

• Guaranteed Pass or free re-sit attempt after additional support (subject to our T&C’s)

• 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

• 100% Quality guarantee

• Responsive to customer needs

• Try before you buy

• Payment via installments

• Flexible and can deliver training/courses in a variety of ways

• Strong beliefs and values embedded throughout the Company

• Training delivered by sector specialist and fully qualified trainers

See what our clients say

Steve and his team are brilliant at delivering on exactly what we needed for our apprentics, can’t recommend him highly enough.

D Armstrong


See what our clients say

The courses are definite, clear, practical and exactly what we needed for our team.


L Chester