Benefits of Management Consulting 
Bespoke consulting can help business owners pick and choose the support they feel they need during the process of improving their team’s knowledge or expanding the business.  New to 2024, Stemset is proud to be offering Bespoke Management Consulting to our clients, giving owners and management the guidance to help make sure their teams are reaching their full potential.
Why Choose Stemset? 
Established in 2017, Stemset (based in Teesside) has had the opportunity to develop into one of the industry’s leading training and professional development organisations.  Our mission is to help provide businesses in all industries and of all sizes upskill their workforce, helping them fill both current and future gaps in order to help meet their business needs.
Bespoke Business Consulting Now Available At Stemset 
As Stemset continues to grow areas of the business, we’re proud to announce that we’re now offering bespoke consulting services to business owners and their teams!
Did you know that only 1 in 20 people in the UK would know what to do in a medical emergency?
Are you getting Workplace Health & Safety Basics right?
Small low risk businesses, such as those that are office based, may only need to implement the minimum or basics to manage H&S within the workplace. What are considered ‘the Basics’? According to the HSE, the basics are composed of: Are you confident that your small business meets all these minimum requirements (at least)? If… Continue reading Are you getting Workplace Health & Safety Basics right?
MFC Women Player Sponsorship
Stemset Ltd are proud sponsors of MFC Women player, Lauren Robson for the 2023-2024 season. Watch this space for further sponsorship announcements!!