Bespoke Business Consulting Now Available At Stemset 

Are You Looking For A Consultant That Wants To Develop Your Business? Stemset, Based In Teesside, Has Expanded Their Services To Offer Bespoke Consulting In A Range Of Sectors. 

As Stemset continues to grow areas of the business, we’re proud to announce that we’re now offering bespoke consulting services to business owners and their teams!

Health and Safety Business Consulting 

Dedicated to helping businesses ensure that their staff are working in a safe environment that is compliant with regulatory requirements, Stemset is now offering Health and Safety consulting for businesses with as few as 3 employees. 

Bespoke consulting allows business owners to pick and choose the support they need, helping them improve employee knowledge and gain additional workplace qualifications. Having professional guidance can help make sure you’re reaching all the requirements of UK legislation, as well as helping to ease your manager’s minds allowing them to focus on other areas of the company.

Health and Safety Bespoke Consulting Includes: 

Our consulting includes the review and update of business risk assessments, the creation of risk profiles (highlighting the biggest risks), initial assessments and site inspections, audit and compliance checks, the creation and update of H&S policy and supporting procedures, health and safety helpline for additional support, plus access to newsletters and business-specific safety updates.

We also provide training and toolbox talks, annual revisions of policies and procedures, as well as the creation, review, and update of fire risk assessments.

Management and Business Skills Consulting 

Based in Teesside but delivering nationwide, Stemset is proud to offer businesses access to our new Management and Business Skills consulting. Giving companies the opportunity to build solid foundations of management and hierarchy, we’ve designed bespoke consulting that aims to implement essential strategies throughout departments, leading to the growth of your team’s capabilities. 

Our approach isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but rather a focus on understanding the unique challenges that your employees face, and the steps we can put in place to make the workplace a better one.

Bespoke Business Consulting Near Me

We’re proud to be offering these services nationwide, whether this is through remote technology or through in-house visits. We’d love to hear from your business and see how we can develop your team.